Monday, November 30, 2015

Winter mood

Hey Guys 
This time i came with my favourite outfit .With Big grey scarf which i am a Big fan of it.Leather leggings which perfectly combine with the beige coat and a black sweater with an white tshirt under it,also with a pair white coverse .


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Mixing Sunday'colours

Hi guys
Some of you asked me to tell about brands so i am going to talk about this.
My clothes doesnt belong of all expensive brands so i didn't want to mention them . I buy clothes everywhere i like , online shops ,boutique even on second hand.
This time i was inspired by one of my favourite Fashion bloggers Julie Sarinana or 'sincerelyjules'.
White pants are love because they can easily combined .
About the leather jacket i am totally obssesed with it which i combined with stripes t-shirt , jeans shirt and a pair of red high heels.
This model of hair is very popular so i wanted to try and i really like it.
I hope that this post will really like you and a lot of thanks about the views.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A blue Sunday

 Hello Guys
I hope you are doing well.
This time i came with an simple ,daily outfit but yet Fashionable.A pair of blue jeans,white T-shirt ,a black jacket and Hat which is my favourite detail which I could wear that all the time.This necklace with different colours is love.
On this time i added a famous detail which is coffee. I suppose that every fashion blogger makes coffee photoshots.This is not the only reason but i am a coffee lover.
About the blue wall has given colours, light,a beautiful effect on my photos.
I hope you'll like this post..